Meeting the Colonel

Kentucky Fried Chicken was "invented" by a man in Corbin, Kentucky - a few miles from my hometown of Somerset. He loved fried chicken and wanted to serve it to those who stopped at his small roadside restaurant, but found that the amount of time required to properly fry the delicious meal was not economically advantageous. However, he did not like the taste of chicken prepared in a pressure cooker - even though it was a much faster prep time. After spending a great deal of time experimenting with frying and pressuring, he arrived at a combined fry-pressure system which maintained the outstanding flavor of slow pan frying and the speed of cooking with pressure.

Harland Sanders
Harland Sanders
(better known as Colonel Sanders)

In 1955, when Interstate I-75 routed traffic away from his restaurant, Sanders decided to franchise his process. The first franchise was opened in Salt Lake City. The owner, Pete Harman, coined the motto, Finger-Lickin' Good.

Col. Harland Sanders with Bill Monroe

Phyllis and I frequently ate at the Kentucky Fried Chicken eatery in Lexington when we were dating. After completing our education in New York City and moving to Louisville, Kentucky, Phyllis was shopping at a local A&P grocery store on Shelbyville Road, and was selecting a chicken (as we recall it was 25-cents a pound in those days) when a distinguished bearded man, dressed in a white suit and a black string tie, bumped into her. It was the famous Colonel Sanders (who had been commissioned in 1936 and again in 1950.) He came over to her and spent a great deal of time playing and talking with our three children (probably 2 and 3 years of age) as well as Phyllis.

The above are purported to be hand-written notes from Harland Sanders*
The photo on the right was taken by Mike Lukat in Somerset, Kentucky
This, also, circulates as the "real" KFC

Small Body

Phyllis with Children
Phyllis with Cheri, Chris, and David
Her chicken is REALLY GOOD!

Phyllis was also commissioned a Kentucky Colonel and her pan fried chicken is really good too! We still occasionly buy a bucket of KFC and remember bumping in to the Colonel himself.

Phyllis Commissioned Kentucky Colonel

Bill is also a Kentucky Colonel!



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