Eclipse, 2017

I realize that probably everyone who reads this "memory" will have either experienced the 2017 eclipse personally or has read numerous accounts of those that did. In spite of this, I thought it would be interesting to share what happened to us on that day, August 21, 2017.

It had been our plan to travel to Somerset, Kentucky to view the 98.7% eclipse in Bill's hometown and to spend time with our son, Chris, and his family and share this rare event with them. After one becomes 80 years of age, it seems that small changes in health often cause large changes in plans. Neither Phyllis or Bill were terribly ill but simply did not feel well enough to endure the 7+ hour automobile drive from the Lansing, Michigan area, down the very busy I-75 to Kentucky. Only a couple of days prior to our planned trip, we called and canceled and thought we would simply watch the event on TV or see the "partial" in the comfort of our own home and yard.

Many of our friends traveled great distances and endured long traffic delays to have the "total" experience. During our lifetimes we have had several opportunities to witness an eclipse. We remember one in Cupertino as we stood in our back yard and watched the bright daylight turn to dusk and heard the night sounds begin, only to be interrupted by the brightening of the sun as the "night" turned into day once again. Marshall Hill (I have written of him in several of these "memories") traveled to "total" country to see and film the eclipse and was able to capture some of the best photos I have seen.

Marshall Hill's Eclipse Photos

In Michigan we had been watching the televised progress of the event for a rather long period of time when I decided to go outside and see if there was any difference in our daylight. It was overcast and only occasionally could we even catch a glimpse of the sun due to the heavy cloud cover. Suddenly the sun emerged and the following photos show the reflected lights on our ceiling and walls.

Lucky Ramseys! While viewing less than 80% of the eclipse in Michigan, we got to see many eclipses on our walls and ceiling (sparkle balls reflections.) No special glasses required!

No son

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