Bidet ("B" Day)

Having lived in both Italy and Austria we had become introduced to and comfortable users of the cleansing equipment known as a bidet. This bathroom fixture is used by many in multiple nations around the world. (97% of households in Italy have bidets which have been manditory since 1975.)

When we decided to build our new houseboat, which would serve as our primary abode, we discussed and ultimately decided to request that a bidet be included in our bathroom fixtures. We did this with the full understanding that this fixture was considered unusual by many residents in America, and virtually unheard of in boat building in that part of the country.

We met with the builder of our proposed houseboat and presented our floor-plan and requests for our new 18 x 80 foot floating home. Included with our requests were independent water system (for the freezing winter temperatures), extra insulation, totally independent electrical systems, etc. AND a bidet. All these things were discussed in our first meeting with the builders prior to the drawing up of floor plans for the boat.

In a subsequent meeting with the person responsible for the building of the new boat, we were asked, "What is the "bid-it" (rhymes with 'hid it') thing you are asking for?" I explained that a bidet was a fixture for washing and cleansing genital and anal areas. The builder was a bit shocked and after a prolonged thoughtful silence, replied in his southern drawl, "Uh, uh, well, I think I can do that myself!"


We had a bidet installed on the boat and when we built our new house in Michigan, we also had a "BID-IT" installed as well in the Master Bath.

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