The Ramseys Get Ready for Easter (1968)

The following photos appeared in the April 14, 1968 publication of the Logan Herald Journal. Because the newspaper clipping is so very old and creased, the quality of the photos is not terribly good, but these photos bring us wonderful memories of when our family was young (Phyllis was only 29) and excited about all holidays.

Kids at TableExhuberant David holds aloft a plush rabbit as brother Chris and sister Cheri get instructions from mother. By holding an egg in the color bath they are able to color each egg differently, one of several ways they decorated them.
FamilyDr. and Mrs. William H. Ramsey, their six year old daughter Cheri and five year old twin sons Chris and David, are a charming family group as they pose near their Easter Tree. Dr Ramsey teaches vocal music at USU.
Jelly Beans
Cheri carefully adds jelly bean eggs to an Easter cake as mother supervises
and David and Chris wait their turn at decorating.
Cheri Drawing
Cheri puts the finishing touches on her portrait of a rabbit for Easter.
Daddy who doubles as a magician produces an Easter rabbit to the obvious delight
of Chris, David and Cheri. Already he is teaching the three some magic tricks.
Work Room
At the table in the childrin's "work room" David, Cheri and Chris add gumdrop designs to styrofoam eggs.
The family cat presented the Ramsey children with three kittens five weeks ago. Now they are just the
right size for an Easter basket, although David, Cheri and Chris thought more of the idea than the kittens.
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The full-page article, April 14, 1968.

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