Fun Stories About Life In Logan, Utah

While living in Logan, we purchased a tent-trailer because we loved camping. We spent almost every weekend during the summer in Guinavah-Malibu campground in Logan Canyon or on Cedar Hill. One summer we even took the family on a camping trip to Bryce and Zion National Parks. There was a tremendous storm (tornado) which nearly demolished the trailer and really frightened us. We held the sides of the trailer to support them against the fierce winds.

Apache Tent Trailer
Apache Tent Trailer

After the storm passed, we thought that this might be a good time to tell our kids about the “Birds and the Bees” (what were we thinking?) We methodically and carefully explained everything in terms we thought they could understand, and then asked if there were any questions. Silence….  Then a snore came from Chris. Finally, David asked, “Uh, Did Grandmama give birth to Grandad?” OK, so we were not entirely successful!

Edith Morgan (an editor of the Herald Journal newspaper) asked if she could feature our family in Good Cache Cooks. We stuffed a turkey, made a wonderful antipasto flower, and posed for photos. We later got a call from Edith telling us that David had crossed his eyes in the photo. In those pre-Photoshop days, she took a pen and attempted to draw in “normal” eyes – not very successfully. I'm certain that I still have that Herald Journal article and photo somewhere. If I find it I will post it.

Here is one of the very funny (embarrassing) things that happened when we were living in Logan. One day in the Fine Arts Building, I spotted a “joint” on the stairs just outside the Departmental Office. I quickly picked it up and decided that I would take it home as an object lesson to show to our young children – so that they would know what it looked like – so that they would avoid it! A few weeks later, Phyllis and I were having the President of Utah State University, Glen and his wife Phyllis Taggart, in for dinner at our house (the first and only time we were ever able to host a University President!)

Our son, Chris, came into the room with his hands tightly clasped together (obviously hiding something) and proudly proclaimed to President Taggart, “Look what my Daddy brought home from school!!!!! A marijuana cigarette!!!”

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