Snowmobiling in Utah

While I was teaching at Utah State University, one of my students, Michael Ballam, had invited me to join him for what, to me, was a totally new experience. I had already tried skiing (that was not very successful) and loved the beautiful deep snows that graced the entire region during the winter. Michael's father owned snowmobiles which were loaded and we headed up Cottonwood Canyon to the mountains to begin my first (and last) snowmobiling adventure.

Michael provided excellent instructions and, while my confidence was not yet fully developed, we set off to learn how to ride what might be described as a motorcycle for snow. Since I had previously owned both a motorbike and a motorcycle, what could go wrong?

We fired up the snowmobiles, put on our riding gear and as I slowly gained more confidence, I eventually rode off at top speed. That's when I discovered the true depth of the snow. The video below is not of our snowmobiling, but does depict what my demise probably looked like. I was in over my head. I never tried this again!

This is NOT a video of my ride but is similar

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