Phyllis Orders Lunch for the Staff

During our first week in New York City, Phyllis was the new receptionist and secretary in the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. Each member of the staff would take turns ordering lunch at a wonderful nearby deli. Soon it became time for Phyllis to place orders and pick up the food. There was generally a very long line of hungry and impatient customers waiting.


After a fairly long wait, Phyllis eventually got to the "chef" and gave the order for each of her colleagues' sandwiches. She then (in her most charming slow southern drawl) proudly placed the order for her own sandwich and said, "And I'll have a meat ball sandwich, please." The fellow behind the counter rapidly asked, "What kind of bread do you want that on lady?" Phyllis was taken by surprise and responded, "What kind you got?" The "chef" responded like a machine gun, "Hard roll, whole wheat, white, rye." Phylis knew that she had to make a quick decision, but because this was her first experience ordering in a deli and also the long line behind her, she answered, "Well, I'll have white rye." The guy behind the counter was not amused and merely said, "Look lady..."

The sandwiches were delicious, especially the meat ball sandwich.

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