Lincoln Center Opening

On September 23, 1962, I was privileged to be a member of the chorus which performed for the premiere concert in Philharmonic Hall of Lincoln Center in New York City with Leonard Bernstein conducting. The building was still undergoing last minute adjustments from acoustician and construction personnel as we rehearsed for the Gala Grand Opening.

Lincoln Center - Philharmonic Hall
Lincoln Center - Philharmonic Hall

I happened to be positioned at the end of the bass section, standing next to the cello section. A cellist sitting next to me asked, "Are you a professional singer?" I told him no, that I was a student studying conducting. He said, "Oh, by brother is a conductor." His stand partner then said, "My brother is also a conductor. They both wished me well. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. The first cellist's name was Martin Ormandy. His stand partner was named Leinsdorf.

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