Stanford Chorale Israel-Vienna, 1985-86

Stanford in Vienna


Rehearsal with St. Hedwig's Choir


John Kim in Berlin






Heidi Thimig
Heidi Thimig


Stanford Center Vienna
Stanford Center Vienna


Katherina, Mark, April, Jon before Ball
Mark, Jon, Katherina, April before Ball - January 23, 1986


Arlen, Helga, Henry
Arlen, Helga, Henry


Val at Kibbutz
Val at Kibbutz


Mark with luggage
Here's Mark in the hallway of the Hotel Shalom - lots of luggage!


At the Dead Sea
April, Felicia, Carol and Andy at the Dead Sea


Andy, Julie, Dawn, Raf going to the ball!
Andy, Julie, Dawn, Raf - going to the ball!



Pension Wild



Launch in Venice
Launch in Venice



Henry and Elena












Martin at the Trevi
Martin at the Trevi Fountain


Trevi Fountain - Rome
Macduff, Joel, Brian, Patricia at the Trevi Fountain


Martin and Patricia at the Coloseum


Students in Piazza Navona
Andy, Julie, Nancy, Carol, Felicia & Karen's hair at Piazza Navona


Bill in front of Rome poster
Bill at St. Paul's Within the Walls in Rome


St Peter's Basilica from the Vatican
St. Peter's Basilica from the Vatican Gardens



Chorale at Jaffe
Stanford Chorale at Jaffa


The Chorale at the Roman Theater
The Chorale at the Roman Theater


Singing on the Stage of the Roman Theater
The Chorale Singing on the stage of the Roman Theater


Our Israeli Tour Guide
Our Israeli tour guide, Eli. "You understand what I mean?"


At the Crusader Castle
At the Crusader castle


Akko Catacombs
Dr Bill in the Akko catacombs.
(And that was what a PORTABLE video camera looked like in 1985!)


Jim Goldsworthy at Akko
Jim Goldsworthy at Akko


Karen at Caesarea
Karen at Caesarea


At the Syrian border
At the Syrian Border - Lisa and an Austrian UN soldier


At the Syrian border
At the Syrian border. This picture was taken from the SYRIAN side of the border by
daring photojournalist John Kim! (AS I recall, the border guard was not too pleased with this!)


Arlen at the Israel-Lebanon border
Arlen at the Israel-Lebanon Border


Chorale at Capernaum
The Chorale at Capernaum


Lisa Ruben at Lake Kinneret
Lisa Ruben at the shore of Lake Kinneret


Can you tell who the backs belong to?


Now let's see, where did I park my camel?


Andy Arrow
Andy: Where is my blasted camel!?



Church of the Beatitudes
Church of the Beatitudes


Church of the Beatitudes
Nancy, Carol, Katherina and April - Future "roomies" at the Church of the Beatitudes


First Christian Church
The site of the first Christian Church




Jerusalem, as seen from the Mount of Olives


Bill & Phyllis on the Kissing Camel


Kiss on the Kissing Camel


Glassblowers in Hebron
Glassblowers in Hebron


The Western Wall on Temple Mount
The Western Wall and the Temple Mount


Temple Mount outside of the Dome of the Rock
The Chorale on the Temple Mount, outside the Dome of the Rock




The Chorale at Masada


The Chorale at Masada


John Kim floating in the Dead Sea


Raf, Mark, John, Lisa, Felicia, Nancy, Catherine, Brian, and Val
at The Garden Tomb. (Mikvehs and Cisterns galore!)


A South African Choir sings at the Garden Tomb


Other Pictures



Alte Aule


Chorale Alte Aule in Heidelberg


Dawn with new friend


Bill & Precendor - Christ Church Cathedral




John, Valerie, Brian
John, Val, Brian


Katherina and Raf




April, Mark and Carol


Big Keg
Pat and Macduff at the big keg


Hannah, Brian and Val as Gargoyles


Stanford Chorale On Tour 1985-86
William Ramsey, Director
James Goldsworthy, Pianist/Organist
Rafael Ornes, Librarian
SopranoNancy Asbill, Valerie Christy, Dawn Crocker, Katherina Jason, Carol Lim, April Steuber, Julie Wilson, Hannah Winter. 
Alto: Catherina Carlson, Karen Fardal, Patricia Gonzalez, Lisa Naulls, Elena Porro, Lisa Ruben, Felicia Wong. 
Tenor: Brian Anderson, Andrew Arrow, James Goldsworthy, John Kim, Rafael Ornes, Mark Paist, Gregory Zaharchuk. 
Bass: Joel Bosch, Arlen Heginbotham, Macduff Hughes, Mark Hulse, John Jost, Martin Levson, John Paff, Henry Shed.
Violins: John Jost, Katherina Jason. Cello: Karen Fardal.