Memories and Reminiscences

Fun and Interesting (to us) Things In Our Lives
(In no particular order)

What's a Computer?

My Solo Debut at Carnegie Hall - Wardrobe Malfunction!

Special Visit to the Vatican

Go West, Young Man - Our Move to Utah

Conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

First Singing Solo - Voice "Cracks" on High Notes

Phyllis and Bill First Dating - Bill Embarasses Himself (What else is new?)

Some Fun Stories About Logan, Utah

The "Eye Patch" Incident

Pizza, Pizza

Buddha, Buddha

Our New Babies

Victor Borge Borrows My Pencil

White House Performance for 21st Amendment (18-20 Year Old Vote)

My Achy Breaky Heart-Burn

Musicians Who Greatly Influenced Me

Gala Opening of Lincoln Center

Rome, Italy Sabbatical - Anthony Quinn

Amazing Stanford University Colleagues

Memorial Church Gets A Computer - Bill "Fixes" it

A-Hunting We Will Go - for Christmas Trees and Their Insect Inhabitants

Magician's Assistant - I Never Did THAT Trick Again!

Gunfight at the Not-So "OK Chorale"

To The King of Belgium!

Bridge Loan (No, We Did NOT Buy the Brooklyn Bridge)

Stanford Chorale with the Berlin Philharmonic - My Video Camera Confiscated!

Who Moved Denali?

My Cow Come In

Phyllis, The Barber of Civil OR The Butcher of the Bill

Ear Wiggles

Making Bread

Julia Child

That Is the Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen

What? I'm Bald????

Phyllis Orders Lunch

Phyllis Questions Pronunciation

Is This Supposed to Taste Good?